Tips for Memory Loss!

Tips for Memory Loss!

Virginie Gauthier
Are you losing your keys or forgetting why you entered a room? Such experiences can happen to us sometimes, but can happen more and more frequently with age – often because our minds are elsewhere…
Stress and Inflammation

Stress and Inflammation

Stress generates a cascade of metabolic reactions in the body by producing, among other things, hormones. Constant exposure to stress causes chronic inflammation and various health problems, such as depression, anxiety, skin problems, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
9 Facts on Prostate you need to know!

9 Facts on Prostate you need to know!


Here are some symptoms that should be considered if ubiquitous:

Constant urge to urinate during the night (sudden need).

Urine droplets before and after urination due to weak stream.
Sudden erection problem.

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